For years, we’ve been producing Jingles and Imaging for all kinds of clients worldwide. Some of them have been “Podcast Clients”.  And I mean, that was cool.   From Podcasts about “How to Bake bread” to Podcasts about “How to Get Rich” to Podcasts about “How Not to get Rich”. According to Blubrry, there are roughly 540,000 podcast titles out there and that number goes up by about 2,000 every week. There are 65 podcasts about knitting and 76 about wrestling and let me tell you my wife’s Reverse Falling Powerslam is something to behold! (Also why I’m thinking about having back surgery)

What does mean for us? Well for one, we’re starting to do A LOT of Podcast production, from Jingles to Music Bumpers, to Straight up Voice Over Intros and Outros.  Two, the type of creativity we can use is dope. (Dope?  Isn’t that what the kids were saying 25 years ago?) You can check them out on our Podcast Jingles and Imaging page.  The obvious hurdle for most podcasts is how to cut through all the clutter and be able to make a dent in listenership. And it’s not easy.  You have to have Great Content and Killer Imaging. And that’s where we come in.