Successful Jingles can be a lot of things.  They can be very “hooky”.  They can be great earworms.  They can have a great vibe.  A great vocal performance.  They can be exactly 29.9 or 59.9 seconds.  That’s a pretty cool trick if you can pull it off.  But here’s something I think we can all agree on:  A Jingle simply cannot suck.  It cannot be forgettable.  It cannot be poorly executed.  For example, a project we’re working on now, totally recreating a jingle that was butchered the first time around by another “jingle company” -  singers weren’t hitting their pitches, bad melodies, you get the picture.  But in order to stay out of “Suxsville”, you, The Client, and We, the Music Production Company, have to agree on a couple of simple rules before we commence.  Ready?

Before we compose a single note, we begin “The Process”, which you can read more about here. “The Process” culminates in a fully produced and mastered jingle wholly based on your pre-production input, notes, and specific discussion about the musical style/direction.  We then deliver your new jingle to you.  And this is where the Rules come in:

1.  Do not evaluate your new jingle using personal tastes and sensibilities. You’ve probably never been asked to professionally assess the efficacy of a piece of Branding Music (your Jingle) before. Nobody cares if it makes you go Wooo Hooo! and you want to put it on your workout playlist.  The music and melodies have to be strong and extremely memorable, performed at a high level. That’s it.  

2. Try to put yourself in the mind of your future clients when they first hear it.  They are not going to be on their phone, hitting play on an mp3 while thinking “I hope I like it!!”  Picture it:  They’ll likely be sitting in their car or in front of the TV when your jingle will wash over them unexpectedly.  And there it is.  Right there.  In that moment.  That reaction is what is true and real.

3.  You Have To Trust Us. We know that can sometimes be a hard thing to do.  To put it simply – you are experts at what you do, and we are experts at what we do.  25 years of writing and producing relevant branding music as a job.  Putting 3 kids through college doing just that.  Those kinds of reps allow us to quickly sift through all the weak, worthless melodies that are out there and hone in the ONES that are perfect for your jingle.  Fact:  Our very worst jingles, you know, the ones that never make our demo reel, were always the result of our clients NOT TRUSTING US.  Understand this:  It is overwhelmingly likely that the very first fully produced/mastered Jingle that we send to you for evaluation. . . Is. The. One.