So you’re thinking about getting a Jingle for your company.  More than thinking about it really.  You want a Jingle to musically brand yourself, but you’re not quite sure.  You have questions:  “What will it sound like?  Will it do the job?  Most importantly, will it be worth the investment? “ Of course, our answers to those questions are:  

1.  Awesomeness.  
2.  Oh yeah.  
3.  Absolutely.

But don’t take our word for it.  If you’ve never considered music as a branding tool, how are supposed to know what’s good, what’s bad and what’s, well…blah?  This is where the Speculative or “Spec” Jingle comes in.  It’s a short, jingle that we do for you…before you pay a dime.  We’ll go through the Jingle Process with you to determine your wants and needs.  Once that’s done, we’ll head into the studio and create a killer musical Earworm for your business.  Then, we give you the completed Jingle “Spec” to check out, and the “Free” portion of the “Let’s have Creative Mills do a Jingle for us” project comes to an end.  But that’s okay.  Because the “Spec” served it’s purpose.  It allowed you to see how we collaborate with you to create and execute your vision. 

If we all like how things are developing, we sign a Music Agreement, you put down a deposit, and we make any changes to the Spec that are needed…putting Final Mix elements in place, and producing a wide variety of Final “mixouts”, insuring you’ll have all the different versions you’ll need going forward with your marketing campaign.  So, you really can hear what you’re getting.