Some people hear the word “Jingle” and think “Ewwww. . . cheesy!”.  And you know what?  I don’t blame them one bit.  A while ago I started wondering about this phenomenon.  I mean, I know our jingles aren’t “cheesy”.  I’m 100 percent on that.  I’ve had real people say to me:  “Creative Mills’ jingles are definitely NOT “cheesy”.  So I decided to do some research.  I checked out the competition.  I tracked down every competitor I could find to just. . . listen to their jingles.  And there it was:  the “Cheese” factor.  About 70% of what I heard did sound really “cheesy”.  The main reason for that is bad melodies.  Throw in a dash of out of date singing styles and music production and you get a real train wreck.  You also end up with a valuable marketing tool (Jingles) getting a really bad rap.

Look, the point of this is not to throw shade at our competitors.  Our Jingles sound like miniature hit songs.  And here’s why.  We write and produce like songwriters because we are songwriters.  We’ve had a hit song on the charts.  We’re constantly writing and collaborating with up and coming artists.  It’s not good enough to just fill up 30 second with aimless melodies and mediocre singing and writing.  Your jingle has to make people smile.  It has to have heart.  It has to be executed at the highest level.  Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night.  That is what we do.  And we love doing it.  As they say. . . why settle for the cheese when you can have the whole enchilada?