Look, with the average consumer receiving 5,000 to 20,000 brand messages a day it’s tough to break through that clutter with somebody reading a voice over or some video imaging.

Music, and more specifically Jingles have a unique edge here. Think about it.  We teach children through different forms of music.  Nursery rhymes are a perfect example.  They help our kids learn how to form sentences and they’re remembered forever. Putting words to music makes the message much stronger and THAT makes jingles a major marketing power just like it always has and always will. 

 Not to get all scientific on you but according to noted Brandy Miller of the communications firm Creative Technology Services, “Jingles activate multiple brain lobes simultaneously. The motor center is activated in order to process the rhythm, the auditory center is activated in order to process the sound, the language center processes the lyrics and the limbic system processes the overall emotional core of the song. It’s a powerful recipe.”

 Unlike other marketing tools, Jingles will trigger an emotional response when executed properly.  The 877-CASH NOW Jingle?  They have a couple different versions of it one of which we wrote and produced. Just sayin’, 2020 is going to be the year of the Jingle.  Bet on it.