“e·volve” - verb

 Develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.  “The company has evolved into a major chemical manufacturer”

Synonyms: develop, progress, advance, move forward, make headway, mature, grow, expand.

It’s time to start thinking about evolving.  To start thinking about audio branding in a different way.  It used to be “. . . Hey let’s drop a ton of our budget on video production. . . audio?  Well yeah. . . we’ll find something to put in there…”  Now?  According to research from Mediatel: “Brands are beginning to think about sound branding in the same way as logos and brand images – i.e. with strategic and creative intent.  That means creating a coherent audio strategy which compliments the brand’s visual, social and cultural equity, across all their touchpoints; a soundtrack or score that’s so true to your brand that, should your consumer hear a piece of audio collateral for the first time (an advert soundtrack, for example) the integration of the core sonic DNA makes it identifiable immediately.”


A lot to take in. . . but essentially it’s using audio to create an “Earworm”.  And yes, it can be a jingle. . . but it can also be something else sonic that you customer base will recognize instantly.  Like a Sonic Logo.  Or just two or three words sung in a arresting style. . . that make your head snap.  Or a combinations of sounds and attitude that strike just the right chord for your demographic base.  The catch?  You need to work with experts who are evolving right along with you, with decades of experience creating marketing campaigns and executing them at the highest level.  As you can probably tell if you’ve sampled audio from our site. . . well. . . that’s us.  Creative Mills Productions.  Let’s evolve together.